Acticoa™ for other healthy product options*

Although we focus on Acticoa cocoa and chocolate for beverages, tablets and nutrition bars, other applications, such as cereals or greek yogurt with chocolate chips, may also pique your interest. Please contact us with your individual requests. As a product with a cardiovascular claim that promotes a healthy lifestyle, Barry Callebaut supports the use of Acticoa in products with a balanced nutritional profile.

*In the EU, the health claim extends to dark chocolate as such and cocoa powder in beverages. Other healthy options such as cereal/nutrition bars with dark chocolate, dark chocolate with fruit and/or nuts, or greek yogurt with chocolate chips, can be defendable as nutritional applications. Barry Callebaut would pursue a health claim extension for these items, demand permitting. Meanwhile, stating the cocoa flavanol content on packaging for applications such as the above, is of course, permitted.