The official EU
authorized health claim

The official EU authorized health claim says:

“Cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels which contributes to normal blood flow.”

It is authorized and published as the fourth official 13.5 Health Claim in Europe and the first on cocoa flavanols naturally present in cocoa and chocolate.

In order to make the claim, you, as a food manufacturer, have to meet the following conditions:

  • Dark chocolate: 200 mg of cocoa flavanols per daily intake
  • Cocoa powder beverages: 200 mg of cocoa flavanols per daily intake

Mandatory EU healthy lifestyle statement

Along with the health claim, EU regulation states that a mandatory statement is needed on a healthy and balanced lifestyle, i.e.:

“To be consumed in a varied and balanced diet, as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

For additional labeling requirements, please refer to the claims document below.

Health claim rights

Barry Callebaut and its EU customers have the right to utilize the EU authorized health claim.

N&HC regulation EU 1924/2006: (applies as of 2007)
  • Point 16 of the preamble states that the total labeling information should stay the same as the meaning of the approved health claim in the understanding of the average consumer.
  • Article 10.3 states that more general health info/claims is/are allowed if accompanied by/linked to an approved health claim.

Under the condition that the claim meaning is not changed, nor misleading, the official EU claim can be rephrased in the EU (and other parts of the world)**.

For examples of acceptable wording, please download the following claims documents:


For the official EU regulation and the EFSA opinion on the cocoa flavanols health claim, please download the documents below:

Outside the EU, the EFSA approval can be used to validate possible claims, e.g. structure function claims in the US. Specific allowances must be reviewed country by country outside of the EU.

For examples of acceptable wording, please download the following claims document:

**Food and Administrative laws and legislation vary from country to country. These commercial claims are non-exhaustive examples that customers may wish to consider. Our interpretation of national laws does not represent a formal legal opinion. Customers are strongly encouraged to consult their legal counsel on acceptable and permissible language in their respective country/region.