consumer needs

According to research results approximately 40% of consumers claim to actively purchase products with general cardiovascular benefits.

Acticoa™ cocoa and chocolate enable your brand to meet this prime market with a new, differentiating product.

  • Acticoa™ cocoa powder contains a minimum of 7.5% cocoa flavanols, which enables a packaging claim of 2.7 grams at a minimum in your final application.
  • Flavanols are retained through optimized sourcing and mild processing.
  • No additives or fortification allows for a clean label on your end product ~ simply natural cocoa powder.

What consumers are looking for:

  1. 1. Taste:

    Chocolate will always be about indulgence, so taste is the most important attribute to secure repeat customers.
  2. 2. Price

    Consumers look for an acceptable price for products.
  3. 3. Healthiness
    & naturalness:

    An important differentiating and brand strengthening factor, which Acticoa™ can provide.

Acticoa™ meets
these needs in every way:

  1. 1. Carefree indulgence:

    Acticoa™ has an excellent chocolate taste that doesn’t differ from traditional chocolate. And on top of that it offers appealing health benefits.
  2. 2. Similar price range:

    cocoa flavanols are in the same price range as other functional ingredients.
  3. 3. General cardiovascular health claim:

    the first worldwide health claim on cocoa flavanols naturally present in chocolate and cocoa powder, which generates the highest purchase intent.
  4. 4. Natural:

    Acticoa™ cocoa and chocolate contain cocoa flavanols which occur naturally in cocoa beans, and therefore do not require further fortification.